Resource Films

Indigenous songs, tales, knowledges

A 10-part film series

A selection of short films that includes songs, stories and cultural narratives performed by children and adults of the Yanesha and Ashaninka peoples. Some of the material has never been recorded before and thus represent unique sources of the Yanesha and Ashaninka cultural heritage. These films complement some of the topics explored in the bilingual education series and offer valuable teaching resources for teachers.

Yanesha children’s song

Ashaninka children’s song

Yanesha tale: Chullachaqui

Yanesha Song

Yanesha Tale: Posho’ll

Ashaninka Knowledge

These films are recommended for teaching about subjects including:

socialization and enculturation

cultural identity and the arts

oral tradition, myth and symbolism

linguistic anthropology


Andean Amazonian cultures

Latin American studies

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