Advocacy in Extractive Industries

To protect citizens’ rights, the environment, and promote development

A five-part training film series

La Oroya

This series presents the experiences of five Peruvian indigenous communities in relation to various extractive industries. It shows how the communities of Cajamarca, Camisea, La Oroya, Tambogrande and Tintaya developed unique strategies to protect their civil rights and their environment while also promoting a homegrown path toward sustainable development. The series was produced to be used in training processes aimed at community leaders and members.

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Recorded in Tambogrande, Cajamarca, Tintaya and La Oroya, Peru, in 2004-06.

Directed by Wilton Martinez / Production: Oxfam America

Camera: Wilton Martinez and Jorge Delgado / Sound & editing: Wilton Martinez

Music: Daniel Kirwayo / Funding & support: Ford Foundation

Distributed by Oxfam America and the Instituto del Bien Comun

Duration: 2 hours

The complete video series featured here is available as a two-DVD package (Spanish version only)

For more information and to purchase copies, please contact Oxfam America