Video and Terraces in the Andes

Using video to reclaim indigenous knowledge

9:30 min.

A report on the use of closed-circuit video to train Andean peasants on the rejuvenation of agricultural terraces, or andenes, in Puno, Peru. The video is based on the experience of two communities that rejuvenated some of their abandoned terraces as part of a pilot program conducted in 1985 by the Peruvian Center for Audiovisual Pedagogical Services. The technical model was based on pre-Columbian indigenous knowledge and adapted to local conditions. (continues below)

Recorded in Puno, Peru, 1985.

Directed & Produced by Wilton Martinez

Research by Wilton Martinez & Mariana Larco / Camera & editing: Wilton Martinez

Sound: Mariana Larco / Music: Sikuris de Huancané

Funding & support: CESPAC/UNDP/FAO and Swiss Technical Cooperation

Post-produced at the Center for Visual anthropology, University of Southern California

Duration: 9:30 min.

This video is recommended for teaching about subjects including:

indigenous knowledge

international development

video training programs

Latin American studies