TES Program

A response to working children and adolescents

8 min. clip

A presentation of the TES Program, an important initiative aimed at assisting children who work for their survival in the city of Lima (TES in Spanish stands for Work, Study and Health). The program has been developed and executed by Acción por los Niños, the largest Peruvian NGO specializing in children’s rights protection.

Recorded in Lima, Peru, 2003.

Directed by Wilton Martinez / Production: Accion por los Niños

Camera & editing: Wilton Martinez

Funding & support: Save the Children / Distributed by Acción por los Niños

Duration: 20 minutes

This video is recommended for teaching about subjects including:

children’s rights

international labor agreements

social advocacy programs

Latin American studies

For more information please contact Accion por los Niños