Signs of Life

11 min.

A poetic, musical rendition of the intimate yet archetypal significance of the four elements in our lives. We see this through the eyes of Diana, a young seeker, as she enters the imaginal realms of Water, Earth, Air and Fire, and is overtaken by their powerful psychic qualities and mythic power. The result is an unfolding process of self-discovery and deep transformation. Featuring acclaimed French actress Diana Frank when she was a drama student at the Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute in Los Angeles.

The film was produced as part of the requirements for a course taken at the University of Southern California’s

School of Cinema-Television.

Filmed in B&W Super-8 mm. in Los Angeles, November 1987.

Directed and produced by Wilton Martinez / Camera & editing: Wilton Martinez

Music: “Signs of Life” and “Run Like Hell” created and interpreted by Pink Floyd, © Pink Floyd

“The Call of Ktulu” created and interpreted by Metallica, © Metallica

“Heaven and Hell” created and interpreted by Vangelis, © Vangelis

Photography: All black and white photographs by Jerry Uelsmann, © Jerry Uelsmann

Duration: 11 minutes