Historic Dickeyville

A unique community in Baltimore City

A two-part film series

A captivating and informative walk through the beautiful village of Dickeyville, a complete 19th century mill town in the western part of Baltimore City, in Maryland. TV host Donna Hamilton and historian William Schultheis help viewers discover the village’s charming places, its people and their stories. (continues below)

Dickeyville Then and Now

Dickeyville 4th of July

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This production is based on research by historian William C. Schultheis and sociologist Feather A. Davis of the Dickeyville Archives. Funding for this project was provided in part by Preservation Maryland and the Maryland Historical Trust.

Recorded in Dickeyville, Baltimore, Maryland, 2007-08.

This video series is recommended for teaching about subjects including:

Maryland & Baltimore history

colonial architecture

19th century mill industry

U.S. popular culture

American studies

The first film in the series featured here is available as a DVD.

For more information and to purchase copies, please contact the Dickeyville Community Association