Mayu Sonido

(Sound of the River)

3:50 min.

A beautiful song from Parinacochas, in Ayacucho, Peru, performed in Quechua by Peruvian singer Sylvia Falcón and Andean music maestro Daniel Kirwayo. The song speaks of the plight of a young peasant woman, when she gets married and starts a new family. In a quest for herself in her new situation, she sings: “Sound of the river, sound of the mountain, tell me clearly if I am still in my father’s thoughts, am I still in my mother’s thoughts?”

Recorded in Lima, Peru, 2007

Directed and Produced by Wilton Martinez / Camera & editing: Wilton Martinez

Sound: Francisco Garcia Becerra  / Makeup: Hellen Zevallos / Attire: Felicita Rojas

Duration: 3:50 minutes

For more information and to purchase the CD album, please contact Sylvia Falcón