Water, life and death in the Yanesha world

8 min. clip

The film presents the history of Lake Porromno, a major sacred place for the Yanesha. The history begins in the Peruvian coast, continues along the Andean snow-capped mountains and ends in the Andean-Amazonian rainforest. Water, the link between life and death, unifies this vast, uneven landscape. Water starts flowing from the Cordillera peaks down to the Pacific Ocean and to the Amazon River, and then returns up to its source as a powerful underground torrent.

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Recorded in the Central Andean Amazon of Peru, in 2005-06.

Directed by Wilton Martinez, Richard Chase Smith & Espiritu Bautista

Production: Instituto del Bien Comun / Executive Producer: Richard Chase Smith

Research: Espiritu Bautista & Richard Chase Smith

Camera & Editing: Wilton Martinez / Sound: Eduardo Bryce & Daniel Kirwayo

Production Assistant: Valbina Miguel / Illustrations: Anselmo Cruz / Maps: Richard Chase Smith

Funding & Support: Ford Foundation / Distributed by the Instituto del Bien Comun

Duration: 40 minutes

This video is recommended for teaching about subjects including:

oral history

myth and religion

Yanesha cultural identity

Andean Amazonian cultures

Latin American studies

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