Yompor Partsesha

Compassion and transformation in the Yanesha world

8 min. clip

This film presents the history, the trajectory and the transformational mission of Yompor Partsesha, “Our Father The Powerful.” As the personification of the sun, he is the most important ancestor for the Yanesha. The first part of the story tells about how Partsesha was born together with his sister, the moon, the transformative tasks he performed, and his ascension to heaven. The second part tells about the return of The Powerful to the world, his long tread through the Central Andes of Peru, and his second ascent to heaven, where he eventually became the sun.

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Recorded in the Central Andean Amazon of Peru, in 2005-06.

Directed by Wilton Martinez, Richard Chase Smith & Espiritu Bautista

Production: Instituto del Bien Comun / Executive Producer: Richard Chase Smith

Research: Espiritu Bautista & Richard Chase Smith

Camera & Editing: Wilton Martinez / Sound: Eduardo Bryce & Daniel Kirwayo

Production Assistant: Valbina Miguel / Illustrations: Anselmo Cruz / Maps: Richard Chase Smith

Funding & Support: Ford Foundation / Distributed by the Instituto del Bien Comun

Duration: 44 minutes

This film is recommended for teaching about subjects including:

oral history

myth and religion

religious syncretism

Yanesha cultural identity

Andean Amazonian cultures

Latin American studies

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