Between Languages / Between Cultures

9 min. clip

This film questions some of the key assumptions and postulates that inspired the Intercultural Bilingual Education model and analyzes some of the policies and programs that were implemented in the Peruvian Amazon during the last 20 years. It presents testimonies and commentary by indigenous leaders, scholars, government officials, teachers, parents and children.

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Recorded in Ashaninka and Yanesha communities of the Andean Amazon of Central Peru, 2005-06.

Directed by Wilton Martinez / Production: Instituto del Bien Comun

Research: Lucy Trapnell / Camera & Editing by Wilton Martinez

Sound: John Figueroa & Maximo Santa Cruz / Music: Daniel Kirwayo

Funding & Support: Ford Foundation / Distributed by the Instituto del Bien Comun

Duration: 35 minutes

This video is recommended for teaching about subjects including:

intercultural bilingual education

socialization and enculturation

language and cultural identity

linguistic anthropology

indigenous peoples’ rights

Andean Amazonian cultures

Latin American studies

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